DoLeague is an idea created by Luis Fernandez and Angel Fernandez.

We have been players on all kind of games and sports and we enjoy to compete with other people. We also love when a competition is well organized so we decided to create DoLeague to help everybody on this task.

Because this, like any other big project cannot be made by two people, we allways try to find the best people to help us on our journey. This is a small list of the people that has helped us to make DoLeague. Thank you!

  • Ana Fernández. She is our tech specialist and production manager. Everything happens because of her.
  • Jimena Yagüe. Helping us to grow on the social networks and with the press.
  • Ana Cubas. A great artist. It is an honour to have her drawings on our site.
  • Alberto. Design, UX, allways ready to help us when we need it.
  • Geonames.org. Allow us to use their database for the geo on DoLeague.
  • Sam he is the one that put the music on our tournament video.
  • Ana Calzada: In charge of the blog and community.
  • HighForge. Great people and great proffesionals. They made the responsive design on DoLeague and we will work together again in the future.
  • Avanzed. If you need a developer in spain, call them.
  • To all the followers and people that help, with a like, sharing or just playing and using DoLeague. Thank you! You are DoLeague.