Last Friday we had a new update on Do League. We knew that some users were complaining about the app not remembering them when they return to the app after closing the browser. We listened them and we agree that was really annoying: So we decided we need to fix it as soon as possible.

M&M Cookies

Now, when you log in into the app and do not log out, the browser will remember you next time you open the app. We use cookies stored on your computer to do it, but we have tried to keep the system secure. So this is what we did:
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  • Cookies will be valid for 30 days. After that you will need to write the password again.
  • Anytime you log out the cookies will be deleted so next time you will need to use the password again.
  • You can choose not to use them, just unchecked the box and DoLeague will not remember you next time.
  • We do not store passwords on the cookies. We only store a personal token non related to the user password.
  • When a user change or reset his password all the actual cookies will be disabled. The user will need to log in again to generate a new valid cookie.
  • When you select the language using the top menu on the app, a cookie will remember your choice next time you open the app.


Other news: The iphone app is work-in progress and i think we will be able to show you some images next week. Also the team is working hard, not only updating and improving the match organizer but also preparing the tournament manager that will be ready soon (subscribe to receive the updates on the tournament manager tool).

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