Organize Sports Event

The best online software to organize a sports event.

If you have had to organize a business match, the annual football game with your friends or just advise each week when is the next league game, for sure you know how difficult it is to arrange, having to call each one of the players and not knowing who is coming at the end.

Do League is designed to simplify and automate the entire process to organize a match: from schedule the meeting hour to automatically notify players a location or any last minute changes.

Do League will create a web page of your match in one step and it will send the link to your friends to join up. It’s free and the whole process is fully automated for you to concentrate on playing, not on managing.

Organize Sports Event


Organizer Sports Events Features


Do League allows you to organize and manage all the games you want and invite all the people you want for free and without any limit. No tricks.

Invite your friends

Send the link of your match by email, share it on Facebook, post it on Twitter, use it in your own forum or send it by whatsapp to your group of friends. Either way is good to invite your friends to your match!


Automates the process and let Do League do the work for you. Select a number of participants for your match and DoLeague will notify you when the game is complete and ready to play. It’s the easiest way to organize a match, try it. You can enable and disable it at any time.

Do we have court?

Avoid misunderstandings and double bookings. When ever you reserve the court you will be able to notify all the players of your match with a single tick. All participants will receive a message in their inbox automatically.

Chat of the game

Do we have a ball?? A message on time is critical. On your page you will have your own comment system. You can contact other participants without any calls. Each participant will also receive the comments directly in their email inbox.

List of Events

In the list of matches you can see at a glance your upcoming matches so you wont miss any. In addition, Do League saves your history games for you to review and repeat them whenever you want.

Any sport

Do League is so simple that works with any sport. The goal is to play. Choose your sport and organize your match!


At Do League we take very seriously the safety of your data. Passwords are stored encrypted in the database and we cannot even see them. Also, we make frequent backups so you won´t have to worry about anything.

From anywhere

Access Do League from anywhere in the world. You just need an internet connection to organize your games. You can access from your computer or directly from your smartphone. And soon you will be able to enjoy mobile applications for both iPhone and Android.

Wherever you want

Communicate the location of the match using our integration with GoogleMaps. You can put an address, neighborhood, city or even zip code, anywhere in the world! And if you still don´t know where to play, you can leave it blank and fill it in later.

Repeat events

Do you want to repeat the last month friendly match? Easy, go into your account and with one click you can repeat any previous match. Do League will send a notification to all participants to join up again. It’s that simple.

When everybody agrees

Tired of constant calls to fit schedules? Choose your dates, invite your friends and let DoLeague do the rest. Once you have signed up everything else is automatic. Designed for you to concentrate on playing, not on organizing.