With DoLeague 2.4.2 software update significant progress we have made in the system of invitations to tournaments and in the premium service, among others. As always, to keep you well informed, we make a summary of each of the improvements in this new software version.

Premium Service

Those who want to be subscribed to DoLeague premium services will be able to do it, really soon, directly without having to send a request for it. You will become premium directly and immediately at the website form. Remember that with the premium service you contract advantages in managing your championships, such as the payment gateway and collection management, among others great features. Contact us if you want to find out more.


Tournament and championship invitation system has improved. Now, once you receive an invitation you can reply directly to the sender. This feedback will streamline the organization of the championship and we are sure that it will encourage you to a higher level of participation.

DoLeague invitation


Automatic notifications texts and subjects has been improved. This qualitative increase in communications will make players be better informed on schedules, standings, teams, etc. No excuse to miss a tournament game!

Other improvements

Update 2.4.2 has improved our web security, to let you keep managing safe your championships. We have also fixed Internet Explorer minor bugs.

Step by step we are going perfecting, getting to be the best online management tool of championships.

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