We have been busy working on the new tournamente manager (yes, we like it so much, but isn´t it pretty?) but we still want to keep our actual users on the sport events tool happy, so  here we are with a new update, the second one this month (v.0.6.5):

New Login Page

Some users told us that login on the create match page is good the first time you visit doleague, but after that, you want to login as fast as you can to check your match list. Also the lightbox login is pretty, but it doesn´t work so well with the password managers. Because of all this, and because we agree with you, we have deployed a beautiful login page:

This is just a photo but you can check it here.

Of course you can access that page from the top menu all around the website so check it right now.

I want also to remember you that is still possible to login from the match page or when you organize your own match. And the same for joining, you just join a match or create a new one and you will be automatically part of the Do League family. 🙂

New footer and background

We have modified the background on the app and the footer. We have used the great images created by Ana Cubas, we loved them. And stay tuned because more great drawings are coming soon.

Those drawings look great on the match list:

We have  also made some minor changes like the language flags, and other, everything to make sure the app is working fine.

What do you think? Do you like the new pages?

If you liked it, share it. Thanks!