We already advanced you in the post about the new features for the tournament manager, that we were going to post one on the blog intended to tell the advantages that the 2.6 update of Doleague brought for players several weeks before.

The advantages is new functionalities in the website to enrich and improve your experience as players and making your participation be practical and simple in the tournaments of DoLeague.

For example, you can save time with the new links:

1. In the “tournament brackets”: new link to the match page.
2. In the tournament calendar: a new button to quickly upload the results of every match.

You have better information from rival teams, because in the list of matches from your personal account appear the rival teams names and a link to the corresponding calendar; and also better information about the results, because you will know if they have been confirmed by the administrator or not.

You can choose organize a League of Legends league. Following the increase in this kind of organized leagues with us, we created this option as a new online sport to manage with DoLeague.

Also, no impediment to the players can join to several categories in the same tournament. But you have to consider if the schedules and your physical form will allow to do it 😉

All of these improvements, though small, are added to a long list of advantages that the manager DoLeague offers participants of the tournament organized with us. If you’re not still enjoying them, awake and come into the DoLeague community only practicing your favorite sport!

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